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zBest Property Manager™

  • Customizable layouts
  • Personalized color themes
  • Lead Capture
  • Targeted emails
  • Showcase Neighborhoods and Subdivisions
  • Multiple MLS's
  • Listings not in the MLS
  • And all features listed in the What's Included Section
Responsive DesignResponsive Design
Mobile FriendlyMobile Friendly
Social SharingSocial Sharing
Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
Fast, Reliable Cloud Hosting on AzureFast Cloud Hosting
Seamless RETS IDS Integration into website without the use of framesSeamless RETS/IDXIntegration
Intuitive Listing SEOIntuitive Listing SEO
High Speed SQL Server Enterprise DatabaseHigh Speed Database
Advanced Mapping FeaturesAdvanced Mapping
Not Built on Word PressIncludes Umbraco CMS
Targets WCAG / ADA RequirementsTargets WCAG / ADA Requirements

What's Included

zBest Property Manager™ Platform and includes, but is not limited to the ability for. . .

  • Website Pages . . .
    • Searchable Maps
    • Buy, Sell, Rent, and Sold Pages
    • Showcase Neighborhoods and Subdivisions
    • About you or your company
    • Your featured Properties from MLS Data
    • Our Agents
    • Independent Agent Pages(Bio, Contact Info, Assigned Properties)
    • Contact me
    • Property Details
    • Seach Engine Friendly Landing Pages with Map
    • Sitemap xml and rss files
    • Sitemap Directory Page
    • Ability to include listings not in your MLS
  • Lead Capture(optional)
    • Customer Registration
    • Ability to choose favorites
    • Ability to create their own searches
    • Back Office to manage your leads
    • email updates sent to customer based on the info provided above
  • Standard Features
    • Mobile friendly responsive design
    • Designed for meeting ADA/WCAG requirements.
    • Umbraco Content Management System(CMS)
    • Social media integration
    • Integrated SEO
    • Intuitive mapping for all searches
    • Design focus on local real estate
    • Auto generation of Sitemap.xml's
    • Ability to syndicate to newspapers, magazines and other vertical marketing sites that are not covered by your MLS(optional)
    • Google Tag Manager Ready
  • Data Hosting
    • When required, photos optimized and served from high speed Azure content delivery network
    • Hourly updates from your MLS
    • Hi speed cloud hosting in MS Azure
    • Listing data stored in enterprise class SQL Server database
    • Hi Speed Enterprise Database in Azure
    • RETS, Matrix or IDX Listings from your MLS
  • Web Hosting
    • Free SSL certificate / https connection for your site
    • Hi speed cloud hosting in MS Azure
    • Sitemap.xml's submitted to Google and Bing for your web site and properties
    • Site Registration with Bing and Google Business Directories
    • Google Analytics Registration
  • Not Included
    • Domain Name - i.e.

Rates and Fees

New zBestPropertyManager™ Platform and Setup $1200
RETS/Other Setup and Approval with your MLS $125
Initial Consultation Always FREE!
Hosting $125 per month
Lead Capture FREE
Each Additional MLS/RETS Data Source $25 per month
Custom Theme Conversion or Development Contact me

Terms of Service

I am a trained professional with over 30 years experience in Enterprise Corporations.
I stand by my work and strive to provide my clients with the best quality possible.
  • All work is comes with a 90 day guarantee. Should a bug or production issue arise, it will be addressed and corrected at no additional charge to the customer.
  • A 30% deposit or Purchase Order Number is required for all work exceeding 40 hours.
  • Full payment is due upon delivery and completion of a project
  • New projects will not be started or considered on accounts that are outstanding or past due.
  • Pricing is as stated. Lower rates are available on long term contracts or projects only.
  • My time is valuable. There are no refunds for hourly work that has been performed.
  • A Credit Card is required for all data and hosting services

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