zBest Property Manager™

Serving the Real Estate and Property Management Industries since 2005, we are committed to providing zBest Technologies to help your business succeed. zBest Property Manager™ is a platform specifically designed for the Real Estate Industry and is customizable to fit your personal style and how you do business. All sites hosted in Azure Cloud to insure fast and reliable delivery of web content your customers. From sitemaps to standard SEO requirement, we included everything you need to quickly get you to get your listings out on the web and in front of customers. Tell us how we can leverage technology for you.

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RETS . . . the standard replacing IDX

Seamless RETS/IDX Integration into website with out the use of frames
Seamless RETS/IDX Integration into website with out the use of frames

RETS is a standard for reliably delivering listing information to others, both securely and quickly. Unlike IDX, it is not a file that can downloaded and parsed from your MLS. Instead, it requires a secure protocal for logging into and requesting any updated data. Prior to retrieving your listings, we must have the proper paper work completed with your MLS.

NOT a WordPress Site!

Not Word Press Development

Originally created as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved to do many things well... however, complex data integrations has not been one of them. A website should run smoothly and reliably, without the need for someone to constantly babysit it, and Wordpress has had difficulity in meeting that goal.

Unlike WordPress, our web sites are not dependent upon open sourced plugins that don't always play nice together. Too often, these plugins are poorly written or contain unwanted malware and viruses that cause a host of other issues. In addition to this, Wordpress sites are often created by web designers.... not web developers.... who depend upon pre-written themes and "short codes" to make the site function. They don't possess the same training as Developer's, whose skill sets include things such as advanced problem solving, complex coding, and data integrations . . . skills that are at the core of zBest Data's foundation.

Responsive Design Responsive Design
Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly
Social Sharing Social Sharing
Google Analytics Google Analytics
Fast, Reliable Cloud Hosting on Azure Fast Cloud Hosting
Seamless RETS IDS Integration into website without the use of frames Seamless RETS/IDXIntegration
Intuitive Listing SEO Intuitive Listing SEO
High Speed SQL Server Enterprise Database High Speed Database
Advanced Mapping Features Advanced Mapping


All sites are built on the zBest Property Manager™ Platform and includes . . .

  • Website Pages . . .
    • Home
    • Up to 3 Search Pages
    • About you or your company
    • "Our Agents" - for the agents in your organization
    • Contact Us
    • Property Details
    • Seach Engine Friendly Landing Page with Map
    • Sitemap xml and rss files
    • Sitemap Directory Page
  • 1 Layout theme of your choice(does not include data integration and functionality)
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Umbraco Content Management System(CMS)
  • Social media integration
  • Integrated SEO
  • RETS or IDX setup with your MLS
  • Intuitive mapping for all searches
  • Design focus on local real estate
  • SSL certificate / https connection for your site
  • Photos optimized and served from high speed Azure content delivery network
  • Nightly updates from your MLS
  • Hi speed cloud hosting in MS Azure
  • Listing data stored in enterprise class SQL Server database
  • Sitemap.xml's submitted to Google and Bing for your web site and properties
  • Site Registration with Bing and Google Business Directories
  • Google Analytics Registration
  • Ability to syndicate to vertical marketing sites that are not covered by your MLS(optional)
  • Google Tag Manager Ready

Flat Rate Pricing!

Website and setup including all listed above$2,200
Each Additional CODED Page$350 each
Each Additional NON CODED Page$125 each
Web and Data Hosting(includes daily MLS/RETS Processing) $85 per month
Each Additional MLS/RETS Data Source$35 per month
Custom development(depending upon complexity)$350 minimum

Also Available . . .

ModuleAgent Subdomain Sites (e.g. John-Smith.MyCompany.com)$1,800
ModuleHand Enter FSBO, Rentals, or Listings not in MLS
ModuleDynamic Mortgage calculator with graph$350
Module"Call Me" texting(via Twillo)$350
ModuleSelf Updating SEO Footer Links$350
SetupBlogging module(setup)$125
SetupIntegrated Live chat$85
CodingIntegrated lead capture to your CRM(API required)$350 minimum
* All pricing is contengent upon one year hosting by zBest Data Technologies ** Discount pricing applies to Microsoft and zBest Data products only. WordPress® and Linux realated products atr not currently supported.