zBest Property Manager™

Serving the Real Estate and Property Management Industries since 2005, we are committed to providing zBest Technologies to help your business succeed. zBest Property Manager™ is a platform specifically designed for the Real Estate Industry and is customizable to fit your personal style and how you do business. All sites hosted in Azure Cloud to insure fast and reliable delivery of web content your customers. From sitemaps to standard SEO requirement, we included everything you need to quickly get you to get your listings out on the web and in front of customers. Tell us how we can leverage technology for you.

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RETS and MLS Grid. . . the current Data Standards

Seamless RETS/IDX Integration into website with out the use of frames
Seamless RETS/IDX Integration into website with out the use of frames

RETS and MLS Grid are the current standards for retrieving MLS data. Both of these methods use a secure protocol and require approval by your MLS for access.

NOT a WordPress Site!

Not Word Press Development

Originally created as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved to do many things well... however, complex data integrations has not been one of them. A website should run smoothly and reliably, without the need for someone to constantly babysit it, and Wordpress has had difficulity in meeting that goal.

Designed for the Real Estate Industry, zBest Property Managerâ„¢ includes Umbraco CMS and can be customized with any number of integrations such CRM's' and Property Management Systems. Our sites come ready to connect with your MLS and includes features such as:

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Responsive Design Responsive Design
Mobile Friendly Mobile Friendly
Social Sharing Social Sharing
Google Analytics Google Analytics
Fast, Reliable Cloud Hosting on Azure Fast Cloud Hosting
Seamless RETS IDS Integration into website without the use of frames Seamless RETS/IDXIntegration
Intuitive Listing SEO Intuitive Listing SEO
High Speed SQL Server Enterprise Database High Speed Database
Advanced Mapping Features Advanced Mapping