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Websites without limits or bounds

Unlike a CMS, there are no boundries or limits when you build from scratch. Everything can be designed from the gound up using the best technologies available. A custom built website also means a faster website with more flexibility to grow, integrate with other technologies and expand your business as new opportunities become avaiable. Leverage your business to a higher level and make data flow effortlessly throughout your organization. Discuss your project

Common Technologies used in web development(Others can also be used)

Websites can be internal or external to your organization handling everthing from data entry to managing processes.

Front End

  • Bootstrap
  • Newtonsoft JSON
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • Entity FrameWork
  • HTML 5
  • Angular.js
  • Vue.JS
  • FontAwesome
  • Others? . . .

Server Side

  • MVC.Net or .NET Core (ASP.Net if already existing)
  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • LINQ
  • ADO(Datasets and RecordSets)
  • IIS Server
  • Others? . . .

Data Base

  • Microsoft SQL Server (2012 or higher preferred)
  • Azure SQL Server

Azure Hosting

  • Virutal Machines / Windows Servers
  • Storage Accounts
  • Content Delivery Networks
  • Azure SQL
  • Application Hosting
  • Active Directory
  • Dedicated IP's
  • many other options available