Over 25 Years of Professional Experience

Graham Davis, CEO and Founder
Graham Davis, Founder

I am what is called "old skool", with my experience rooted back the beginnings of technology with DOS and dBase. Fast forward to 2019, and we find that technology has evolved further and faster than any of us imagined it would. The future is now, and we are living in it.

After graduating college in 92 with dual science degrees in Physics and Chemistry, I began my career as an Engineer in QS/ISO-9002 Manufacturing. First in powdered metals, and then in plastic injection molding where we made the door panels for the Ford Explorer. With so many of our product lines being sent overseas, I eventually transitioned into IT where I worked as a developer in the industries of Banking, Insurance Underwriting and Real Estate.

Throughout my career, I have gained experience from some of the best industries in the business. It is the things I learned from them that I want to bring to you . . . superior services, professional applications and websites, automating tasks and reducing duplication were possible. After all, technology is an extension of both you and your business. Make it count, do it right and make it sell the products or services you provide. I can show you how.