CMS or Coded "From Scratch" - Which is right for you?

Has your Wordpress CMS become slow hard to manage? Are you looking to build a website or expand services to your customers but now sure what you need? There is an adage that says "The right tool for the job." Both CMS and Coded sites have their pros and cons. The comparison below will help point you in the right direction.

CMS vs coded from scratch website

CMS vs Coded "From Scratch"
A general comparison

CMS"From Scratch"
Recommend For:Sites with mostly static content or content that is updated frequently. Not good for high volume data processes. Those should be developed outside of the CMS.Dynamically Driven Content, data imports and exports, interaction with other 3rd party sources, any back end process
Loads quicklyNo - page loads average > 3 seconds Yes - page loads average < 1 second
Requires a databaseYes - Database intensiveNo - functions without a database
ExpandabilityMostly limited to available pluginsYes, but usually requires coding
Site or content can be self managed YesNo
Can handle large amounts of dataYes, but can become slower as database growsYes -database can be rescaled as it grows
Data import/export(such as MLS IDX)Not the best and can be extremely slowVery fast data interaction
ScalableYes, but can be limited - database plays a major roleYes
Adding new functions or featuresRequires a programmer knowledgable in both that CMS's framework and it's language or technologyOnly requires a programmer in the language or technology